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My Miscellaneous Educational Resources 12/6/12

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some great websites and web 2.0 resources! 

60 of the Best Websites and Apps for Teachers  vy Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne)  <------- Some great resources in this slide deck! 

3D Solar System Web offers a nice audio tour of the solar system; good for introduction or review:  This is a great resource.  Note: You must be using Google Chrome (or Firefox) to view this site. 

Do your elementary students need an email address to sign up for a service you want them to use, but they do not have an email address.This is a great solution/trick

Scan to PDF – A Handy Android App for Scanning Documents  (Free and Paid version $2 avail.)

Exploring the Early Americas - Library of Congress Interactives-- Collection of eight interactive displays about the early Americas.

European Exploration - A Game for Learning About The Age of Discovery. This free iPad app puts students in charge of exploring the "New World." 

Symbolab is a science and math search engine that's great for teachers:  (Worth checking out if you are a higher level science or math teacher!) 

Woopid is a site that has free video tutorials on a variety of technology topics:  (Just OK for now, since content is lacking. May get better over time. Videos are well done.) 

An Animated Guide to Electric Circuits- The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits is a neat series of interactive animations designed to help students of elementary and middle school age learn how electric circuits work 

A few Google Tools, tips and tricks: 
Free Technology for Teachers: How to Use Google Docs Offline in Two Steps 

Read & Write - An Accessibility App for Google Docs 


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